NDAX Review 2023: Fees & Withdrawals Is It Safe?

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees to transfer CAD using a bank account with zero fees and the trading fee of 0.2% is competitive. The disadvantages include a limited number of crypto assets, no staking features, and the app often having technical issues. Beginners can quickly buy and sell 30+ digital assets on our intuitive platform, while experienced or professional traders can take advantage of our advanced features and trading tools. As a crypto exchange that provides services to Canadian traders and institutions, NDAX has made it easy for locals to fund an account.

NDAX Wealth runs as an online over-the-counter service for digital asset trading. This crypto trading desk and its OTC services are specially built to help investors make large volume trades to upwards of $200,000. This is a huge benefit and can’t be found on many other exchanges than NDAX. However, this version of NDAX also doesn’t support crypto-to-crypto trading, which is disappointing.

ndax review

NDAX provides institutional clients with a deep liquidity pool and a large selection of digital assets. The clients get to enjoy a personalized service that allows them to trade at high volumes with no deposit fees, withdrawal fees, low spreads and same-day settlement. NDAX.IO is a reputable altcoin trading platform that was founded in 2014 in the province of Alberta. It allows residents within Canada to buy, trade, and sell 12 cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. The platform works as a crypto trading service provider. The cryptocurrency trading platforms provide OTC services for their users.

Users are also required to confirm all withdrawals via email, acting as a third form of verification. NDAX also has protection insurance for their hot and cold storage assets. NDAX’s Distributed Denial-of-Service-Protection mitigation reliably monitors, resists, and defends against any threats to the NDAX platform. NDAX is a superb option for first-time investors that want to purchase cryptocurrency in Canadian Dollars .

It has an easy-to-use interface and provides access to multiple crypto coins. The platform is secure and well-regulated, with low fees and decent liquidity. NDAX’s features are appealing to both new traders and more advanced traders. It’s a decent platform for quick buying and selling as well as long-term investing. The OTC desk feature also makes it possible for traders who prefer to do high-volume trading. NDAX offers a top-notch customer service experience, with dedicated staff available to help users anytime.

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So for the last 15 days I’ve opened a ticket every day and have been told over and over it will be looked at withinn a couple of days. I had a similar incident on Coinbase and they resolved the ndax review issue within ~ day. Of course we want to be as big as other exchanges mentioned; everyone just has to be mindful that we are limited in population compared to other markets like the USA and EU.

Retail investors benefit from the high standards that are necessary to service huge transactions. NDAX holds a majority of user funds in an offline, multi-signature wallet in order to adhere to the highest standards of digital asset security. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Coinsmart is the easiest to use cryptocurrency trading platform.

  • The interface shows the available funds in CAD or crypto with a drop-down menu to select the trading pair.
  • NDAX’s features are appealing to both new traders and more advanced traders.
  • Overall, the fees on NDAX offer excellent value for money for residents in Canada to maximize their Bitcoin or crypto investment or cash out and sell back to CAD.
  • The instant coin exchange feature is great for crypto investors who use the platform for the purpose of long-term investing.
  • From there, you can start tracking the progress of your staking rewards.

Highly disappointed at the blatant disregard of logic and the turnaround times. NDAX has been my preferred fiat on/off ramp for a few years now. My experience has been mostly good so I can recommend NDAX to other Canadian crypto traders. It is safe as it stores all the crypto funds in offline cold storage. One of the coolest features of the platform is free deposits.

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NDAX offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes trading easy even for beginners. The platform also provides detailed tutorials, FAQs, and news updates to help users navigate the crypto market. Traders can also enjoy these helpful features on the mobile app. NDAX stands for “Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange.” It promises advanced features, speed, and security for its users. The platform has quickly grown in popularity among Canadian traders looking for a reliable way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with low fees and high liquidity. The good news is that every NDAX safe deposit is free of cost.

ndax review

With that said, NDAX is only required to report transactions larger than $10,000 to the CRA. Transactions below that amount do not need to be reported to the CRA. Type in the amount you want to withdraw or click the “MAX” button if you want to withdraw all of your funds. At this time, the NDAX team does not have plans to operate outside of Canada.

Is NDAX safe?

Thanks to the very intuitive interface, beginners and experienced traders will enjoy the dashboard that is developed to the highest standards. Start building your crypto portfolio on Canada’s most secure trading platform. To cash out of crypto back to Canadian Dollars, NDAX exchange allows crypto deposits for customers to transfer funds and convert into fiat currency. The funds can be withdrawn to a local bank account with no fees and same-day settlement. If you are looking for alternative cryptocurrency exchanges that offer competitive features, we recommend CoinSmart or Wealthsimple Crypto. These two platforms also provide quick buying/selling services as well as additional security features such as 2FA authentication.

NDAX offers access to more than 30 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, and XRP. The wallet also has an intuitive user interface that allows beginners to navigate around without trouble. Additionally, NDAX provides 24/7 customer support in case of any query or issue regarding the wallet. NDAX only offers 30+ different coins, which is a lot less than some of their competitors. Depending on the type of investor or trader you are, you may or may not find this an issue. 1) NDAX has a simple layout which is great for beginners, yet still manages to suit experienced traders with the advanced charts and order options.

ndax review

NDAX is a decent exchange for Canadians, though if you’re looking for the best overall trading experience, I recommend using CoinSmart or Bitbuy instead. Each of them offers quite a bit more than NDAX, and I’m confident you’ll have a better experience with them. Select your preferred bank account or add a new one if this is your first time. NDAX has an amazing track record in terms of regulation and security. For starters, it’s a registered Money Services Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada , and it’s also a licensed member of Revenue Québec . Additionally, it’s compliant with the Proceeds Of Crime (anti-money laundering) and the Terrorist Financing Act of Canada, as well as Know Your Customer standards, which is great.

NDAX Crypto Transfer Fees

I saw people complaining about opening account but my process was flawless and like 2 business day total. Everytime ive tried to take money out and move it to another account or broker, they take FOREVER to process it – im presently waiting 12 hours now to move USDT to Binance. If you want to withdraw or send above $2500 their fee is always only $25 . If you buy small amount of crypto for fun or curious , don’t use Ndax use another platform.

I feel like I’m being scammed by a lady…

The majority of digital assets are stored offline in cold storage wallet solutionsprovided by Ledger Vault. Other common measures include 2 Factor Authentication, multi-signature approvals, fund insurance, segregated bank accounts and daily security audits. CoinSmart https://forex-reviews.org/ is another Canadian-based legit crypto exchange platform, offering users access to 16 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether. The platform also offers a comprehensive KYC/AML vetting process, as well as low trading fees and high liquidity.

The platform offers various trading features, mostly designed to support the execution of different order types. It also provides various trading tools, from technical indicators to price charts, helping users become pro traders in no time. The detailed order book by NDAX is a cool trading feature of this platform.

The owner of National Digital Asset Exchange is Bilal Hammoud who resides in Calgary, Canada. Bilal is the President and CEO has been leading the cryptocurrency exchange since its inception in April 2018. Help future customers by talking about customer service, price, delivery, returns & refunds.

There are zero deposit fees unlike other exchanges in Canada such as Bitbuy which charge 0.5% or 1.50% depending on the payment method. The exchange has partnered with several Canadian banking providers to offer a same-day settlement for CAD and USD deposits and withdrawals. The popularity of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin trading has surged across the globe. People from different professional backgrounds are growingly becoming interested in crypto trading. Since the crypto market is a new domain in the finance world, most people are not sure how to make an entry.

The team is knowledgeable and friendly and aims to respond promptly to all inquiries. This allows users to earn rewards by HODL-ing assets or by staking them on the platform and earning a percentage of their value. This is an attractive option for traders looking to earn passive income from their crypto holdings. The NDAX exchange is committed to keeping its user data secure by implementing the latest security and crypto security technologies. Two-factor authentication, secure storage of funds, and encrypted wallets are what help keep NDAX safe. It is also compliant with Canadian banks’ regulations and the Terrorist Financing Act .

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